ViperONE-Electric-Front-Slightly-Open-Door-Super-Request-a-QuoteThe ViperONE Electric

The ViperONE Electric is one of the easiest to use DTG pretreatment machines on the market today. With simple controls to set the spray length and amount of fluid to apply to the shirt, anyone can professionally pretreat shirts correctly every time. The ViperONE Electric is completely enclosed and can be setup to run in a small home shop, mall kiosk, or industrial printing facility. Make pretreating easy with the ViperONE.

Special Factory Direct Pricing - Now $2995

i-Group Technologies has been leading the DTG pretreatment industry since 2008 with the introduction of the Viper XPT. We build all of our machines right here in the United States and have years of experience in helping people properly pretreat their garments. Since pretreating is one part in creating a high quality DTG print it is our goal to bring automated pretreating to as many shops as possible. Treat your shirts with respect with the ViperONE! Click the REQUEST A QUOTE link to get an accurate cost on equipment and shipping costs.

Features of the ViperONE Electric

i-Group Technologies is proud to announce that the Electric version of ViperONE pretreatment machines is an update of the popular ViperONE. The new features include the following:

  • All electric - No Air Compressor needed
  • 24VDC Power Supply
  • Simplified Maintenance Panel
  • Simple, less than 30 second daily cleaning
  • Easy to set spray length
  • Easy to set the amount of pretreatment applied
  • Even & Consistent Spray Pattern


Yes, it really is easy to get the ViperONE Electric up and running. Just take it out of the box. Make sure the E-Stop button is not depressed by turning it 1/4 turn to the right. Plug in the power supply, insert the fluid supply tubes and then insert the filter end of these tubes into the corresponding liquids. Then position the PURGE BOTTLE below the spray nozzle and press the RED "Pretreatment" button on the back of the ViperONE for 7-10 seconds until you hear a change in the pump and liquid is being sprayed into the bottle. You're ready to pretreat shirts! Watch our video above to see how easy it really is to start pretreating with the ViperONE Electric.


Everyone always hates to do maintenance on equipment, but it is an essential part to every successful DTG operation. With the ViperONE Electric we made this process incredibly easy and takes less than 30 seconds to actually complete. So, at the end of the day just take a little time and you'll be ready to pretreat the next morning with a simple press of the button. This video shows how easy it is to maintain the ViperONE Electric.