The Viper MAXX is the culmination of 10 years of pretreatment machine manufacturing. We've taken everything we've learned, listened to customers, and have worked hard to bring forth the Direct To Garment Industry's best pretreatment machine to date.

The Viper MAXX is a single nozzle, open platform, pretreatment machine designed to deliver the perfect spray patter every time - and only where you need it. No more having to spray the entire width of a shirt to just print a left chest. No more massive overspray. No more uneven pretreatment sprays.

The Viper MAXX features a complete and easy to use touchscreen interface to allow you to set the spray area exactly where you will be printing with complete control over how much pretreatment is applied. Now there is no reason for never achieving a perfect spray everytime - exactly where you need it. The user has complete control over the spray head speed (for volume lay down), the steps between sprays to achieve a perfectly smooth spray pattern no matter what spray tip or pretreatment you are using, with no over spray.

Some people worry about "over spray" from such an open system. However they have never used the Viper MAXX. We've removed the issue of over spray. The Viper MAXX is 99.9% efficient in the application of pretreatment and can be used in the same room as your DTG printer without worrying about excess pretreatment getting everywhere. That's the VIPER difference - we are always working to improve the DTG process and make your life easier so you can focus more on printing and less on pretreating.

The Viper MAXX is truly the evolution of DTG pretreating. The MAXX is $6,995 and includes the crating (plus shipping) and is currently available to purchase.  For more information call 877-673-4378.