ViperONE Air Video Series

These videos are for the ViperONE Air model which is no longer being manufactured. If you have the ViperONE Electric see this page for more information.

 Our initial Introductory Video to promote the ViperONE.

 See an interview with Brian Walker by Scott Fresener at FESPA Spain 2011.

Here you can see what to expect when you first get your ViperONE and unpack it. Also learn how to set it up and start pretreating shirts.

This video shows how to use the ViperONE to pretreat sweatshirts with your ViperONE.

Video #1 Illustrates how to properly use and adjust the SPRAY ADJUSTMENT knob on your ViperONE. Plus help you understand how the ViperONE operates to achieve the best laydown for the garment to be printed.

Video #2 in our Series on how to use the SPRAY SHIRT button and how to 'reset' the ViperONE if you accidentally hold the SPRAY button too long.

Video #3 Here we talk about the E-STOP button, how it functions, and how to reset the ViperONE if you have had to utilize the emergency stop button.

Video #4 - In this video we discuss low pressure issues, the PURGE button and how to get the ViperONE setup to properly use the PURGE button.

Spray Valve Re-Assembly video: Here we take a look at how to re-assemble the Spray Valve Assembly after cleaning the ViperONE to help remove contaminants and fluid restrictions in the system. View the Disassembly and Cleaning PDF's here.