New Viper MAXX STEP Test Worksheet Released for Metric Users

i-Group Technologies announces the release of a new PDF for the Bar Code Scanning capabilities for the Viper MAXX pretreatment machine. This new worksheet is the Bar Code Pretreatment STEP Test Worksheet for Metric Users. The previous PDF released was in Imperial measurements (Inches) and would only work if the MAXX was set to use measurements made in inches. The new PDF is designed for the rest of the world that uses the Metric Systems.

The STEP Test Worksheet is designed to allow users of the MAXX to implement a bar code scanner and apply six different "columns" of pretreatment at increasing amounts. The creates a STEP Test that allows users to print a white box across all six steps. If too little pretreatment is used, the next step will have better ink coverage and opacity. The OPTIMAL amount of pretreatment for that particular shirt being tested is the point where the white ink does not gain any additional opacity. This helps find the perfect amount of pretreatment for that shirt as well as helping users not waste pretreatment with over application.

This new Metric Version of the Step Test can be downloaded here:METRIC VERSION OF THE SPRAY STEP TEST FOR VIPER MAXX