The Viper line of DTG Pretreatment Machines

Stop Pretreating - DTG Industrys first Ready To Print Shirt

Stop Pretreating and Start Printing: It sounds a little counter-intuitive since we manufacture pretreatment machines, but one of the best ways to improve your DTG business is to NOT pretreat anymore. RTP Apparel is the DTG Industry's leading manufacturer of Ready To Print apparel. Print anywhere on the shirt - no pretreating required.   Learn More...

SMALL. POWERFUL. EASY TO USE: If you are an Just getting started in Direct To Garment and don't want to spend a LOT on a pretreatment machine, the Viper MINI is a great way to get started. It requires just a table top and stores away easily while providing great pretreatment application! More...



When you are running a higher volume Direct To Garment printing facility, you are printing a LOT of shirts every day. You need to ensure that you are up and running while controlling all of the variables. You don’t want to waste pretreatment or have downtime on your DTG pretreating department that can shut down your ENTIRE DTG printing facility.

The MAXX is truly a production oriented pretreatment machine with production rates of 90-135 shirts per hour on a single Viper MAXX. In addition, you can utilize the BUILT-IN bar code scanning feature to implement customized pretreatment areas and application amounts for each style of shirt and individual customer order. This enables you to more efficiently apply pretreatment, use less fluid, and increase productivity while maintaining up-time.

If a single point pretreatment application is running your entire DTG printing operation, what happens if (when) there are issues with the pretreatment machine? Your entire production shuts down. Utilizing multiple Viper MAXX pretreatment machines means if you ever do have an issue, you can continue pretreating and printing DTG shirts. Efficiency, versatility, and productivity is what the Viper MAXX is all about. Making DTG pretreating easier – on every shirt.

Viper MAXX Pretreatment Machine

VIPER MAXX: The Viper MAXX is the newest way to DTG. Pretreat your shirts with precision and exactly where you want to spray with a perfect application of pretreatment every time. Now there's no excuse for a badly printed direct to garment T-Shirt. Learn More...


VIPER XPT-1000: The ViperXPT-1000 is a revolutionary new way to pretreat. With a price point of $2,995 there's no reason to not own an automatic pretreatment machine. Completely adjustable spray width and height makes pretreating easier than ever. Learn More...

Image Armor Pretreatments for DTG Printers

DTG Pretreatments: The Image Armor family of direct to garment pretreatment solutions give the DTG printer more options and better looking prints. Increased wash fastness, durability, and ease of use are just the beginning in getting great looking DTG prints. Learn More...

Viper Pretreatment On-Line Technical Support

On-Line Technical Support: i-Group Technologies has a complete On-Line Technical Support page with easy to follow PDF's for cleaning, maintenance procedures, videos and more to help you get up and running with your Viper pretreatment machines. Learn More...


How to Properly Weigh a Pretreated Shirt
There always seems to be some confusion on the proper amounts of pretreatment to apply  to a shirt. Here we look at the proper technique on how to do this. Learn More...


Get Up and Going Easily With Our Video Series for the ViperXPT-1000

All available online to help you get up and running quickly with the  Viper XPT-1000. Includes videos on How to Unpack, Setup and Use. View Videos Now


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