ViperONE Electric DTG Pretreatment Machine

VIPERONE: The ViperONE is a completely enclosed electric pretreatment machine designed to make the process of pretreating easier and much more consistent. Forget hand spraying and get started pretreating garments for under $3000. Learn More...

Viper XPT DTG Pretreatment Machine

VIPER XPT-6000: The Viper XPT-6000 is the original full featured pretreatment machine that set the industry standard. With 6 independent spray nozzles, zone spray pattern, and touchscreen display, it is easy to pretreat shirts faster for high volume shops. Learn More...

Image Armor Pretreatments for DTG Printers

DTG Pretreatments: The Image Armor family of direct to garment pretreatment solutions give the DTG printer more options and better looking prints. Increased wash fastness, durability, and ease of use are just the beginning in getting great looking DTG prints. Learn More...

Viper Pretreatment On-Line Technical Support

On-Line Technical Support: i-Group Technologies has a complete On-Line Technical Support page with easy to follow PDF's for cleaning, maintenance procedures, videos and more to help you get up and running with your Viper pretreatment machines. Learn More...


How to Properly Weigh a Pretreated Shirt
There always seems to be some confusion on the proper amounts of pretreatment to apply  to a shirt. Here we look at the proper technique on how to do this. Learn More...

ViperONE Video Series

Get Up and Going Easily With Our Video Series for the ViperONE

All available online to help you get up and running quickly with the  ViperONE. Includes videos on common mistakes new users encounter. View Videos Now


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